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You should have this conversation as early as you feel necessary but especially if your child has regular access to a smartphone, tablet or online access.Each child is unique so tailor your approach based on their personality and your overall relationship with them.Use a service that will allow you to monitor your teen’s text messages from your smartphone or desktop computer at your inconvenience.Monitoring allows parents to protect children from cyberbullying, inappropriate content and predators.

Stay on top of your teens text message conversations.Additional risks of teen sexting are blackmail, bullying, emotional harm or stress and absolutely no control of how images are shared or passed on.Use this guide as a compass to navigate your way through sexting with your teen.It is vital that parents get and stay informed about teenage sexting.Sexting can carry serious legal implications for teens including being charged for pornography or having to register as a sex offender.

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"I live next to a cornfield that's next to a cornfield…He was telling me there's beaches here, and they've got all these shops," says Amanda, who knew the man's age.

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