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As she leaned forward her hands reached for my shorts and her tits, now unsupported, hung down, "now dear help me get these shorts down," she instructed.I undid the button as she unzipped the fly and lifting my bum she pulled my shorts and pants down together, pulling them clear of my feet and dropped them on the floor out of the way.Rub your cock on my clit while you wank yourself, let me feel that spunk shoot over my clit," she said.Bending her legs I was able to slide my legs under them to bring my cock close enough to reach her clit.When she thought there was enough pre-cum on her fingers she lifted them to her mouth and licked them clean, closing her eyes as though savouring the taste.Pulling her fingers from her mouth she said, "Oooh John I think I need to taste some more, stand up for me." As I stood before her, my cock inches from her face I saw her hand disappear from view between her legs while she pinched her nipple between thumb and finger with her other.I started wanking my cock, lowering the knob to her clit.Looking up her body I saw her pinching and pulling on her big stiff nipples, her eyes were closed.

Raising her hand from her pussy, I could see how wet her fingers were as she started rubbing her pussy juice all over my knob.Kneeling down between her legs I ran my hands up her inner thighs before lowering my head between them.I ran my tongue all over the large lips of her labia before gently probing her hole, my nose rubbing her clit.Easing the pressure and then repeating the process over and over until she knew I was getting close, she let it slip from her mouth and removed her hand from the base, I so nearly came.She reached out and grabbed a cushion from the sofa, "eat my pussy John, like you did yesterday," she said as she laid down on the floor tucking the cushion under her bum and opened her legs wide.

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