Cd conversion music updating

Convert Xto DVD - 0012627: [Bug] Audio normalization - Process may not start in some computers (felicia) - resolved.- 0012542: [Bug] show log file if important warning like in case when no more than 99 titlesets can be added (felicia) - resolved.Convert Xto DVD - ==============================================- 0012618: [Bug] DVD Analyser - Titles wrongly named in filter mode (felicia) - resolved.- 0012603: [Bug] changes made to chapter settings in default settings are not always imported to current project (felicia) - resolved.- 0009250: [Information] treeview seems interactive but is not when converting (felicia) - resolved.- 0009578: [Bug] updating wording to use the same as in default settings "Delete folder after successful burn" (felicia) - resolved.- 0010345: [Feature Request] add hint also to drop down selection in subtitle editor (felicia) - resolved.- 0010596: [Bug] finalize and finalise - wording consistency (felicia) - resolved.- 0012607: [Suggestion] clean up about window (felicia) - resolved.- 0012604: [Bug] unchecking "use source chapter if available " does not add chapters every 5 min even if that option is checked (felicia) - resolved.- 0012608: [Bug] Audio normalization - If cancelled, won't be able to start again (felicia) - resolved.

- 0013027: [Feature Request] Configure conversion queuer according to output profile (felicia) - resolved.- 0012931: [Bug] program crashes when try to load image as watermark (felicia) - resolved.- 0012920: [Bug] some ass subtitles when converted to DVD output are black (felicia) - resolved.- 0012939: [Bug] Text fit preventing conversion start (felicia) - resolved.- 0011990: [Suggestion] display more relevant info in interface about 2 pass conversions (felicia) - resolved.

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Convert Xto DVD - 0012859: [Bug] extra chapters are created in blu-ray structure in trial mode (felicia) - resolved.- 0012856: [Bug] 2 pass conversions stop at 50% (felicia) - resolved.- 0012846: [Bug] Particular Blu-Ray not loading (felicia) - resolved.- 0012834: [Bug] Memory leak when opening cluster (felicia) - resolved.- 0012832: [Bug] Template editor: Disable overridden item edition (felicia) - resolved.- 0012741: [Bug] after changing the Title of the Menu page, the change is not saved when saving a project and reopening it (felicia) - resolved.- 0012829: [Bug] fails to turn off computer after conversion if option turned on (felicia) - resolved.- 0012790: [Bug] fr translation missing text (felicia) - resolved.- 0012798: [Bug] Subtitle offset is not working (felicia) - resolved.- 0012827: [Crash] Crash with multiple simultaneous hardware encoding (felicia) - resolved.- 0012807: [Crash] Program crashes if too many simultaneous conversions are requested (felicia) - resolved.- 0012796: [Bug] Program not closing properly when launched through batcher (felicia) - resolved.- 0012789: [Bug] "operation complete" does not play if burning (felicia) - resolved.

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