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(In the story goes that Erikson made it to Greenland just fine.Instead, he wanted to see if claims of land in the far west were true.He was then asked by the king to introduce the religion to Greenland.Erikson agreed, but when he sailed back to the island his ship was blown off course and he ended up “discovering” Vinland.He is described as a big, strong man with a striking appearance.However, he was also noted as being both noble and wise and not particularly violent so Erikson probably didn’t look like this…On the way back, he rescued some men whose ship had crashed and earned himself the nickname “Leif the Lucky.” Not so lucky was the fact that his father died either just before or not long after Erikson’s return so he became chieftain of Greenland.He also decided that he had ownership over Vinland and that any further expeditions to the area were authorized and taxed by him.

These two Icelandic texts, , were written in the early thirteenth century and detail the Norse expeditions.

Last Thursday, a new exhibition on Vikings opened at the Canadian Museum of History.

On a ten month international tour, aside from showing off over 500 artifacts rarely seen outside Sweden, those behind the traveling exhibition hope to change some of the stereotypes modern audiences have about viking culture.

Although the relations between both sides were not always violent as trading supposedly happened between the two, the says, the Vikings “realized that even though this was good land, their lives here would always be dominated by battle and fear.” They lacked the numbers required for defending a long-lasting settlement and so they decided it would be best to abandon the settlement.

That of course is the main difference between them and the European colonizers who came roughly 500 years later and gives us our likely answer to why Vikings are so rarely discussed today in regards to Canadian history.

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