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The folk literature contributed to the formation of Vietnam's national identity with praising beauty, humanism, and the love of goodness.

Important symbols present in Vietnamese culture include dragons, turtles, lotuses and bamboo.

For many decades, foreign cultural influences were shunned and emphasis placed on appreciating and sharing the culture of communist nations such as the Soviet Union, China, Cuba and others.

Since the 1990s, Vietnam has seen a greater re-exposure to Asian, European and American culture and media.

In modern Vietnam, this has changed as people freely choose their own marriage partners.

When a person passes away in Vietnam, the surviving family holds a wake or vigil that typically lasts about five to six days, but may last longer if the surviving family is waiting for other traveling relatives. A le ngam ham, or chopstick, is laid between the teeth and a pinch of rice and three coins are placed in the mouth.

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The two forms developed simultaneously and are profoundly interrelated.

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