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Remember to keep track the columns unchecked in a hidden field to kept the columns while we navigate to next page (in case when grid paging is enabled) or when we change data source dynamically as shown in previous post.

Edit Index = -1 'set to no selection Bind Grid View() End Sub One issue I ran into while attempting to figure this all out was if I didn’t rebind my Grid View at the end of each event, I was required to click twice to get it to select the correct row, and if I clicked around, it would always be a row behind. This blog is for nothing else than to try and help me help you and help you help me and us help everyone else try to fix anything and everything we can’t figure out with this language.

Remember that my first column was a Hyper Link Field, so in order to pull that value, I must cast that column as a Hyper Link.

Data Annotationによるデータ検証はSql Data Sourceを使っている場合でも有効です。 この場合のサンプルを見ていきます。 例によって動作は LINQ to SQL 編と同じになりますので、動きのほうはそちらを参考に。 Sql Data Sourceを使っている場合は、適当な名前(なんでもよい)のクラスを作成し、データ項目と同名のプロパティを設定していきます。 たとえばこんなクラスを作成します。 ——————————————————————————————————————- using System.

Hope this saves someone a full day of research (and possibly some hair)!

To enhance this process, be sure to include your Grid View in an AJAX Update Panel.

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After working with Data Grids so efficiently, I was scared that Grid Views were going to be a million times more complex.

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