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Or the artist that is overly exposed, it’s just about exposing my music and being comfortable at the same time.

I want to be able to live comfortably and really get my music out there. Singersroom: Are your parents supportive of your music career? I had a long talk with my parents about it and they agreed that it’s important for me to be happy.

Regardless of the music industry and the state of it, I still feel like with drive, passion and talent that will shine through.

To me it’s not about being the most famous or the richer artist.

Things are looking up for R&B crooner Chris Brown these days.

During a recent court appearance, Chris’ probation officer reportedly had good news for the judge, revealing that he has consistently tested negative for drugs since being released from prison earlier this summer and he even had his testing frequency reduced from three times a week to two times a week in light of the good news according to TMZ. In other Breezy news, on the heels of the release of his long-awaited album X next month, Chris confirmed this week that he and fellow ladies man Trey Songz will be hitting the road together for a joint tour in the near future.

I really do listen to my parents because they are very wise. ” I mean it’s hard, like they not supporting me financially (laughs) but more spiritually. Singersroom: What gave you the inspiration for “Look Me In My Face”?

Singersroom: You have a Youtube clip on your Myspace page where you were creating and recording your song “10.” Where was that and is that the normal process of how you make songs? That was videotaped at Howard University in the towers (laughs). Brandon Hines: I was getting out of a relationship at the time and the same time I met my roommate Brandon Bill.

Now they feel like I should definitely follow my dreams and goals.

As a student of the prestigious historically black college, Howard University, Hines recorded his first album Love Music in the dorm rooms and distributed them around campus selling 6,000 copies to date on his own. Singersroom: How old are you and where are you from?

I recently had the opportunity to talk to the young singer/songwriter about his dreams, the state of the music business, his idea of love, and what’s next in store for him. Brandon Hines: I’m actually 21 years old, legal (laugh) and I’m from Detroit, Michigan. Brandon Hines: I moved out here to New York six months ago on the artist grind tip and working with a lot of producers. I’ve also been working with Ryan Leslie for a while here writing for a lot of his artists. Nothing on Mario Winans, I think he’s a great and talented producer, songwriter and artist but I just don’t see it. I think I would more say Joe or an early Joe or K-Ci or something like that. I think a lot of people think we look alike a little or as if we can be related. Singersroom: Talk about your relationship with Trey Songz. I feel honored to be compared to an artist like him.

The 21 year old Detroit, Michigan native sings about the experiences of love you think a man 20 years his senior would only know about.

Brandon Hines being the free agent that he is didn’t wait for labels to come knocking on his dorm room before he took his destiny in his own hands.

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