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From the North Pole or South Pole, all constellations south or north of the celestial equator are circumpolar constellations.

Depending on the definition, equatorial constellations may include those that lie entirely between declinations 45° north and 45° south, Although stars in constellations appear near each other in the sky, they usually lie at a variety of distances away from the observer.

The most complete existing works dealing with the mythical origins of the constellations are by the Hellenistic writer termed pseudo-Eratosthenes and an early Roman writer styled pseudo-Hyginus.

The basis of western astronomy as taught during Late Antiquity and until the Early Modern period is the Almagest by Ptolemy, written in the 2nd century.

APIN, an expanded and revised version based on more accurate observation from around 1000 BC.

Examples of asterisms include: The Pleiades and The Hyades within the constellation of Taurus, the False Cross crossing the southern constellations of both Carina and Vela, or Venus' Mirror in the constellation of Orion.The Babylonians were the first to recognize that astronomical phenomena are periodic and apply mathematics to their predictions.The oldest Babylonian star catalogues of stars and constellations date back to the beginning in the Middle Bronze Age, most notably the Three Stars Each texts and the MUL.Many have varied in size or shape, while some became popular then dropped into obscurity.Others were traditionally used only by various cultures or single nations.

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Greek astronomy essentially adopted the older Babylonian system in the Hellenistic era, first introduced to Greece by Eudoxus of Cnidus in the 4th century BC.

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