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It was quite crowded, about 40-60 people in a medium-sized house. When I was done with the Pringles, I put it on the floor because the table was full of random junk and I was too lazy to tidy it up.Several minutes later I heard a crash and people screaming all over the house.Back when I was in high school my friend Rob and I both liked the same girl, though being the complete jerk I was I got really jealous.So somehow I managed to convince him that she wasn't into him (she kind of was) and instead go for some other girl named May, who had been after him since early sophomore year.The crash changed my life as well, I had recently passed my pilot's license but I picked an illness up in the hospital which kept me from flying for about a month.I was then meant to go onto commercial training, but in the time I was in the hospital, financial ruination of my father meant that was no longer possible, so I went to college to study aeronautical engineering, which I wasted, went into a retail job where I still am, and that's the story of my last 6 years." "Hit a car in the rain.

I really do hope he does well despite the fact I screwed it all up." "I was at a party and met an old flame, she kinda acts like maybe she wants to hook up again, but not right then because she has a boyfriend, I didn't do anything wrong, so no big deal.I told one of my friends who made me tell our band teacher, who reported it to the police and talked to my friend's parents.She told her parents I was lying about it, but that Monday morning I was called to the principal's office where I had to tell the band teacher, principal, and the police.They eventually hooked up not too long after and not surprisingly she got knocked up about 4 months later.Because of this, he dropped out mid-senior year and last I heard is working at a grocery store.

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