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" I beg to strongly disagree, but see Revelation commentaries for more discussion).

As discussed below, the reader should be aware that the interpretative approach adopted in these notes is to take the text in its literal, natural, normal meaning and not to seek hidden, "spiritual" or mystical meanings.

The rightful place of physical love, within marriage only, is clearly established and honored.

Within the historical framework, some also see illustrations of the love of God (and Christ) for His people.

Actually, all three responses are involved in a full experience of genuine love, just as this is true of genuine faith.

To say that the Song of Solomon is a book about the emotion of life is not to rule out intellect and will.

Ecclesiastes focuses on the intellect of man -- his mental outlook on life.Over the centuries hundreds of books and commentaries have been written and unnumbered sermons preached on these 117 verses" (The Song of Solomon) The commentator Pope writes that no other composition of comparable size in world literature "has provoked or inspired such a volume and variety of comment and interpretation." Recommended Resource concerning introductory comments on the Song of Solomon - Although an Mp3, Messianic Jewish pastor Steve Kreloff gives an excellent, well reasoned introduction to this somewhat controversial and too often misinterpreted book - Invest 46' to listen to Kreloff's Introduction to the Song of Solomon.He For example Pastor Kreloff has this to say about the Song of Solomon - "it's contents have the potential to profoundly affect your life, especially if you are married, because this is the only book in the entire Bible that is totally devoted to the subject of physical intimacy between a husband and a wife." G.(E.g., a person in love exercises his will in choosing whom to love.) It is just that the emotion aspect is prominent in te story.But the Song of Solomon is more that a human love story.

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