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I may not find what I am looking for here and like the option of moving on Hug TJR of TJRDFBI think it is great that the Redhots met and found a connection. But did you all really come to this and the other sites to find true love? " I may have over stated my "repulsiveness." I've had several partners in the time I've been on this site and others.

Looking back, I see that being a member of these sites has added very little to my sex life.

Will know in 24 more hours if I can write a success story. One of the better sites I have ever used (including business sites).

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We have also been to several sites, just looking foir good interested people, and instead seeing how people get all caught up in the whole act of not trying to connect, whats up with that? wink wink Kisses, Lisa Having Sex On Cam While Others Watch Ever since I have had my cam I have been amazed at the number of people who enjoy showing themselves off, maybe as many as those secretly watching.

We enjoy meeting the real folsk here and having discussions when we can, and actually, we met more poly minded and interesting people here than on many poly sites. At first I was a little nervous, what if someone I knew saw me, what would they think and then I thought "I'm seeing them here, what do I think? I go on from time to time when its agreeable to the other person and they always are more turned on then me. I would like try expand my area of performances and hope to find some of trhe nicer sites that let people use them for free instead of the slimy pay per view cut out video girl sites.

Hell I got a big hard on right now just thinking of it. this line says it best, "...i've been searching for the daughter of the devil himself, i've been searching for an angel in white, i've been searching for a woman who's a little of both, and i can feel her, but she's nowhere in sight..." i/we KNOW she is out there, but we are at a loss to figure out how to find her. It is looking like Sundays are going to be best for me now. I would definitely want to do it near a pay day and we all could bring drinks and games..hehehe. Maybe eventually someone can entertain at home with a swimming pool or a hot tub. I probably won't be able to go until another couple of weeks.

we have tried everything from Polyamory sites, to bump n grind meat market sites and still no Ms. Any suggestions anyone..also, if any other females want to come, more the welcome. We are a black couple that have been looking for a female for a 3some for over 5 months now, and not one answer to any of our posts on the 5 paid sites or 10 groups that we have joined.

It was easy to remember & at that time I was beginning to be on several sites, it just made since to have the same simple name on all of them. I've seen regular personals sites for older folks, but nothing specific (wasn't actually looking so they may be out there).I have mixed feelings about not being faithfull to my wife so would like oral sex for now. love to masterbate and watch others masterbate I am fairly athletic.I like sharing my wife with other men, but have only had limited success in this department (twice), and I don't count on her playing.Then I found that 007 was not avable on most sites, I changed it to oo7 & some sites required more than three digits, so I tried to tag a dot on. You might try some of the bigger sites like adultfriendfinder and see what happens.We also give kudos to the founders of the site for bringing this issue up front and taking the time and making it happen. :( I also would love to find bi-fems or couples to masterbate with.

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