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As it is, no one knows who these people were who fought on the banks of the Tollense River in northern Germany near the Baltic Sea because there are no written records from the time.

But analysis of the remains of the 130 men, most between ages 20 and 30, found so far shows some may have been from hundreds of kilometers away—Poland, Holland, Scandinavia and Southern Europe.

The old name of London was Nova Troy(see the Bruts of England) and QEI was later called the Trojan architect was submitted to the city of Battle Creek in March.It is expected to be open by October, several months ahead of schedule, company spokesperson Nicole Dionisopoulos said in an email Thursday.An old axiom says in the ancient world that there were three main reasons wars were fought: land, cattle, and women, but there is no way to tell the reason behind the bloodshed here.The battlefield was discovered in 1996 by an amateur archaeologist, who saw an arm bone sticking out of the riverbank. Archaeologists did some minor digging there at the time and found a bashed-in skull and a wooden club of 73 cm (29 inches).

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There are historical descriptions of Bronze Age epic battles from the Near East and Greece, but there has been little archaeological evidence found of any large-scale battles.

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