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The second part is “the children’s share of the increased household expenses”. The husband arrives at the figure of ,373.08 by taking two-sevenths of the total household expense (which the husband says amounts to ,805.80).

The ,805.80 is the sum of ,005.80, which are the expenses for two cars and 0.

7 I also refrain from making an order for access in favour of the wife as I am of the view that it is pointless to.

The children are already grown up and should be able to choose independently whether and when they would like to meet their mother. Making an order for access may result in a conflict with his national service duties. In this case, the husband is seeking maintenance for the children from the wife (and not the other way round as is often the case).

5 The husband disagrees and wants sole care and control of the children with reasonable access to the wife.

In [10] of their written submissions, the husband’s lawyers argue that joint care and control is not in the children’s best interests as “interactions between the parties are rather acrimonious and that such a living arrangement would be disruptive to the existing familial living arrangements that the children are already accustomed to”.

I am of the view that the children’s expenses have been inflated by the husband for the following reasons: (a) First, a large part of the household expenses of ,805.80 is used for the loan instalments and the upkeep of two cars (a Honda CRV and an Aston Martin).

It is not at all clear from the husband’s submissions what expense this 0 is for.

There are a total of seven members in living in the matrimonial home: (1) the husband’s mother; (2) the husband’s brother; (3) the two children; (4) two maids; and (5) the husband himself.

The monthly expenses for both cars alone amount to ,005.80.

I find that it is not right to attribute the cost of the upkeep of two cars as part of the monthly expenses for the children.

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Choo Han Teck J: 1 The plaintiff/wife is a 50 year old Singapore citizen.

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