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LE always stated that the last ping for Joseph was in Fallbrook. I also chose to include pictures of just the family, so we are reminded that, 6 years ago, 4 people’s lives were extinguished in a matter of a few horrific minutes. – Merritt’s phone pings a tower in the Oro Grande area north of Victorville and the 15 freeway. Merritt’s phone pings at in Corona (Auto Center drive and the 91 freeway). am User again cancels online subscription for Quickbooks A caller calling himself Joseph Mc Stay calls Quickbooks Online from Chase Merritt’s phone.

4 people who were happy and had a lot to give to this world, and a lot to receive. Summer texts Mc Gyver to not come back tomorrow (Friday) but instead come Saturday. Merritt’s phone pings a tower further south, closer to Victorville. Merritt’s phone pings a tower back in Oro Grande area. Merritt’s phone pings a tower in Mira Loma (Limonite and the 15 freeway). User created check for 00 to Charles Merritt with “saudi arabia final”. Check created for Charles Merritt is deposited into Merritt’s BOA account.

More specifically it’s about what they posted on their website on September 6, 2011. The call generates a ping off a Mira Loma cell tower.

New cell tower info indicates that the missing Mc Stay family was in Bonsall. Boles testified that he did not know who he called.

Technically, if someone has a cell phone, cell phone is on, not in airplane mode, they’re driving up Interstate 15, not receiving any phone calls, not making any phone calls and not getting or receiving any texts, is the cell phone going to bounce off of any cell towers? pm Feb 6 – am Feb 7 Merritt has no phone activity. – Merritt’s phone pings towers in Rancho Cucamonga. Chase Merritt stops at Susan Blake’s home in Corona to alert her son Joseph is missing.

One sighting in particular was a family caught on security camera in Montana in June 2011.He did comment but seemingly, he knew nothing about this post before it was made. IR3 sent out hundreds of postcards to neighboring homes of the area, containing very much of what was in the initial posting. A search was attempted by a few but nothing ever came to fruition. In another statement, they both went back to the shop. A vehicle baring the markings to Chase Merritt’s truck is caught on neighbors security camera exiting the Mc Stay driveway. Check was created for “chase merritt” for 00 with “paul mitchell” on the memo line. 3 calls were placed to Joseph Mc Stay from Chase Merritt on this day.It is not known if IR3 or LE received any tips off of this. Here you can see the cell tower in clear view of the Bonsall bridge. there are probably some things I missed as there was a great deal to read through. No voice mails were found, contradicting what Merritt had told detectives.A quick investigation revealed it to not be the Mc Stays. On September 6, 2011, James Spring would re-emerge under the guise of his search and rescue organization, IR3.If you’ve been around for some time following the Mc Stay case you may have heard of them.

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It goes without saying that this set the whole Mc Stay community on fire. They never acknowledged or denied IR3’s claims that the pings were factual, which is telling. Chase has always been very vague as to what was discussed and has given many different pieces about the meet. Chase has told detectives that he really doesn’t recall anything after this time. Later information located in the warrants revealed that the caller was Cathy Jarvis, or someone using her phone. Check created for $250 to “metro sheet metal”, backdated to February 4. Check for $2350 to “charles merritt” created, backdated to February 4, printed and deleted. In retrospect on this day, 5 checks would be created – all backdated to February 4 – for the sum of $15,255 in the span of 35 minutes.

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