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Fritz didn't return calls asking for comment."American Pickers" airs on the History Channel.Barry Rosenberg, a network publicist, said recently crews were scouting the Greenville area, but he couldn't confirm a new episode will air from the Upstate.In addition to the popular show, Frank is partners with Mike in their shops, Antique Archaeology.The two locations, one in Iowa and one in Tennessee, are where they clean up or refurbish the items they’ve found and purchased and sell them.The first show had over 3 million viewers and to date it is one of the top ranked shows on the History Channel, at times with over 5 million viewers per episode.This documentary type show follows the pair on the road as they search old barns, farms, garages, and buildings for cast-off treasure.He contacted Fritz and offered to buy the polarimeter.

And after he saw one on the popular television show, in which pickers Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe dive into countless piles of grimy junk or scour the country for hidden gems in junkyards, Bruce had an idea.If Frank were in the market to replace it, he could buy 75 of them. But if he wanted to be a bit more reserved with his money, he could purchase almost 118 of the new Chevrolet Express vans.Regardless of which new vans he chooses, we know he’ll still be able to fit a whole lot of good finds in them.They met in junior high school and shared a common interest in old things.Frank loved collecting beer cans and rocks as a child, but as he got older he became interested in collecting vintage toys and cars, and anything with a motor.

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Bruce, in his complaint, alleged Fritz breached their contract.

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