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The text messages appeared in a “Group Me Chat” under “Sophmores rule.” The texts were not sent to the freshmen and were sent only to those who had openly expressed their hate for their freshmen teammates.The In one text, a player asked if she can just threaten the freshmen.Please do not use this area for any other discussion. University of Maryland Baltimore County suspended five women from the lacrosse team after they were accused of threatening to maim and “kill” their freshmen teammates, and “take down the coaches,” according to a series of texts obtained by The .That triggered the response from another player, “Can we just kill them?” To which another replied, “I’ll pitch in.” Other texts are simply more blunt on how and where they will maim their freshman teammates: “What a bitch.Thank you for respecting our decision to handle this matter internally at this time.”Athletics Director Tim Hall has appointed Amy Slade as head coach of the UMBC women’s lacrosse program as of March 17.

The incident comes in the aftermath of other allegations alleged by parents who said at the beginning of the school year, upperclassmen on the team allegedly forced their freshmen colleagues to donate to fund an alcohol party and last year a senior on the team had provided alcohol to her teammates on a bus trip en route to an out of state game.

The Athletics Director and other University leaders are following all applicable policies and practices as we work to fully understand the situation and support our student athletes,” said Lisa Akchin, Associate VP, Marketing & Public Relations for UMBC.“This type of behavior and language from any student is concerning and it doesn’t reflect the community standards at UMBC as an institution,” Hall said.

“What we have done for anybody who has reached out is to assure and reassure that we have put the appropriate safety measures in place, because the welfare of our student-athletes is our highest priority.”“We wanted to be open-ended to say indefinitely, until we have a better and more comprehensive understanding of the situation,” Hall said.

Parents said UMBC let the student off with an apology letter.

It’s unknown why only five were suspended when others took part in the group text chat, including one player who said she wants to “strangle that (freshman) .” The school also could not explain why students who have threatened to kill or maim another student are not expelled per the school’s student conduct policy or even why insubordinate players remain on the team.

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UMBC spokesperson Dinah Winnick first said she would look into the situation.

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