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So telling a girl that she’s prettier than her ugly sister is, of course, an ingratiating remark that warms you to her heart.

But ask someone their star sign and she’ll react like, well, you just called her sister ugly. The ultimate goal is to see which of the ladies at the party you can trick/lie/drink your way into shagging you, with – the developers claim – different avenues cut off or opened up by the choices you make.

I feel like I only scratched the surface,” he says. It’s one of the roles that I played with on the day, and Erin Krakow was so awesome to work with. It’s always fun to work in period.” As it happens with holiday films, they’re usually shot in the middle of summer, and in 2012, Walker did back to back in Vancouver.

“I’ve acted for almost 20 years now and I’d never done any holiday films and then I did these,” he says. You’re working with your co-actors and you move from storyline to storyline.” In , Walker played the boyfriend of a blind woman.

And so into the party you go, chatting to the five or six ladies, and two other men, trying to work out whether the utterly obnoxious remarks you’re offered to choose from will be understood by the authors of the game as utterly obnoxious, or indeed astoundingly charming.

That’s actually the biggest challenge in what amounts to a first-person adventure game with cartoon boobs: working out what the people behind its creation think is a clever thing to say.

She would come into things so open-hearted and ad lib and [we’d] chat as people.

They choose great scripts, as well.” Walker has had a wide-ranging career playing bad boys and good guys, and he likes the roles with some complexity to them. It’s an interesting dynamic when you’re coming up with the character’s life and back story,” he explains.

“I prefer a character who isn’t living a perfect life.

It makes for more reality and a realistic approach to it.” While films have been his recent mainstay, he’d like to get back to a series role at some point, too–his last was Lifetime’s . I love jumping into these [short shoots] and they’re a lot of fun,” he says. I do want to get deeper into a character and have a regular job to go to. Instead, her TV viewing must be scripted—she’s intensely loyal to actors, writers, and directors and loves comedy, drama, suspense, and sci-fi equally.

I’m looking for a little more regular schedule.” We’re happy to have him on TV any time. If it was filmed in Vancouver (or Canada, really), she’s going to be all over it. If she’s made the time to watch it, she likes it (or loves it), because life’s too short to watch sh-tty TV.

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