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Sometimes if I feel depleted I won’t let myself off the hook; I’ll try to keep on pushing while my demons tell me I’m being lazy.

Yet if I imagine a friend with the same complaint, I know exactly what my advice would be.

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Making an appearance at annual summer festival Kew the Music in Hertfordshire’s Royal Botanic Gardens, the presenter, 35, was in high spirits as they mingled with fellow attendees.

Adidas trainers added to her ensemble, while a simple centre-parted hairstyle reflected the casual nature of her latest look.

No stress, no drama, yet my body had taken a turn for the worse. Embarrassingly, yet thankfully, I was driven home by the AA (thank you, lovely AA man).

After several hours of pondering why my body had decided to shout so loudly that it wasn’t happy, I sussed it.

Chip off the old block: Mirroring his fashion-conscious mother, Rex sported his own raglan top over a pair of dark blue shorts as they prepared to take in a performance from British indie band Razorlight Fearne recently shared a sweet tribute to her musician husband Jesse with a nostalgic throwback photo of the couple on their wedding day.Fearne - who ids also a parent to 21-month old daughter Honey Krissy with Jesse - recently lifted the lid on her battle with depression, and how she's working to overcome it.In new book Happy, the radio DJ admitted she felt 'drained, anti-social and alienated' during her darkest days and credited her rocker husband Jesse for supporting her.I believe there is room for all these emotions, but using calm as a base to come back to is imperative.The more I understand the importance of calm for our general wellbeing, relationships and outlook on the world, the more time I spend trying to get back to it.

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