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C., and sees April and I kind of thriving here and really being among the power players.It’s a really interesting contrast to being a big fish in a small pond in Pawnee,” Scott says.Although the first season received generally mixed reviews, the second season was highly praised, with some reviewers declaring it one of the best comedies of the television season.

13), it seems time to investigate how this power couple works.STORY: ' Parks and Recreation's' Adam Scott, Aubrey Plaza Name Their Dream Political Guest Stars “You would think [D. She comes here with a proposal for Pawnee, and she kind of feels very, very small when she comes.She’s in the middle of the machine of Washington, D. What about the stop-motion animation thing as a potential career path? As anyone knows, a career in stop-motion animation is a lucrative, dependable one. I think Ben thrives in number and politics and public service. But at the same time I really like it when they throw me into situations I don’t like, so — I don’t know. It doesn’t have to be — the writers on this show seem to be able to mine laughs out of just about anything, so I kind of leave all of that to them because whatever idea I might have, theirs is always better.

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