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They build on stereotypes, but when they are at their best they avoid being stereotypical. I love the creativity, something like "a dating game.... " just makes me instantly want to jump in feet first.

It’s definitely a genre that benefits from breathing room between games. I was going to say something like "the weirder, the better" but that isn’t always necessarily true.

Do you enjoy the dating games in earnest, or do you take them with a large dose of irony ?

Your Let’s Play are always making fun of the games, and I guess a lot of people enjoy them while they would never touch the games themselves.

And there’s certainly an audience for romances, as checking the fandoms for any of the games you have listed will easily show.

Is it because you have to tell your own story to feel involved in a story that isn’t that interactive ?

I’d say that Angelique is probably what really piqued my interest in the genre.

My favorite titles would have to be the class=''Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side] games.

It also makes it more shocking when a storyline turns sour, like with Saeki constantly hitting Balls Mahoney over the course of Tokimeki Girls Side 2.

I don’t think I could fully enjoy something if I couldn’t make fun of it, but I also think that my joking about something would fall flat if some part of me didn’t love it.

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You don’t even have to make it romantic, people just like to see something about the world change because of something they have done.

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