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“Your sister hits the shit out of the ball,” he said. “But I just hate looking at you in the morning, seeing how sad you are. “I typed this up, Rebecca,” Dad said, “because I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget anything.” Dad put his hand on Mom’s. “As you know,” he said, “our marriage has been strained. Who could have believed we’d get through your mother’s affair with Amy’s tennis pro? “I almost lost my business to the recession, and we were all unhappy then. You had to give up your flute lessons, ceramics class, even summer camp. Your mother and I double-mortgaged the old house to pay for Amy’s lessons. Everything she buys, she buys on sale even though I tell her these are the salad days. My heart breaks for you, Rebecca.” Dad looked up from his computer and smiled at Mom.

My sister, Amy Luna, rising tennis star, took the second set at love. I think about you being too broke to go to the movies or to pay for your own groceries and I feel guilty for how great my life is. She grimaced and then seemed to rethink her decision, smiling and deliberately covering his hand with hers. My unfortunate dalliances with secretaries are also common knowledge. We could live on the interest of Amy’s winnings alone, not to mention the endorsements.

I was the one who hid in the closet while my parents fought. David Solemn would be home for dinner the next day. I had tried to plan the day perfectly but Mom was screwing everything up.

Your Dad doesn’t care as long as she keeps winning. Her black cardigan was covered in lint; her hair was flat, dirty. The year before, they’d gone snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef after Amy lost in the round of sixteen.

I rode the subway, paid rent, paid the electric bill and the phone bill, parceled the remaining dividends to the dry cleaners, the deli by my office where I bought lunch, the Vietnamese place where I got spring rolls and steamed vegetables and rice for dinner. Solemn tilted her head back gazing at the peeling white paint of the porch ceiling. In their chaotic, three-story house, there were no maids to complain about the wet towels on the floor. Solemn worked late, and David and I cuddled in the living room, reading in front of the fireplace. Of all these good things, what I loved most was watching with David. David and I had stopped having sex weeks ago, but we slept in the same bed, side by side, David’s arm tossed over my shoulders.

Living this kind of life, you’re too zonked out to be properly miserable. We would meet together on the big bed at the end of the day.

Vacations, I went to the Caribbean with coworkers from the office, drank too much, and had drunken sex with relatively good-looking strangers. A dog barked down the street; I listened longingly to the sounds of Sunday football on TV inside the house. David made art during the day in the basement, elaborate cartoons based on his life, the quest to end tension and the simultaneous search for the perfect girlfriend. On busy days, I went upstairs and helped out, answered the phones and helped with the invoicing. My love for David was so large, my affection for Mr. No long-legged, bouncing sister, running into the kitchen for a Gatorade. At every afternoon, Monday through Friday, I’d start popping the popcorn on the gas stove. At , I’d put three ice cubes into tall, frosted glasses and pour the Diet Coke. We would carry the popcorn and Diet Cokes up to the den, and still have two full minutes to settle down, kiss, munch on the popcorn until the show started. Carly had come to Port Charles to ruin the life of her birth mother, Bobbie Jones.

Your mother and I completed our therapy with a marriage counselor and we’ve resolved our anger. You borrow your mother’s new car and return it with an empty tank of gas. We all know that you can do it.” Tears streamed down my mother’s cheeks.

Did they want me sleeping in a homeless shelter in New Haven?

Amy handed her trophy to a ball girl and took the microphone. John Mc Enroe, a commentator for NBC, cooed about her infectious charm.

She spun around, around and around, taking in the crowd, the applause. He rambled on about her amazing poise on the court and the adorable slope of her nose, comparing it to the distinctive Nike stripe.

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I’m seventeen years old but I’ve been so busy with tennis I haven’t had the time to get my license.” She smiled at David. Amy sprinted, showing off her speed, jumping over the glutinous corpses. “Look.” I thought about taking a rock hammer to her forehead. “I’m chasing ground strokes down the line.” Then David started running after her, tackling her from behind so that they both fell into the sand. My Dad said I didn’t need to win a Slam for his love, but once I moved into the Solemns’ house, he never called. The crying began when I found out the puppy, the one I was going to love with all my heart after David dumped me, had been adopted earlier that morning. Solemn led me back to the car and then drove onward, leading us on to the mall. * After the Gap, we headed to the food court, collapsing at a secluded table next to the waterfall. Solemn summoned the energy to buy us frozen yogurt waffle cones while I slumped over the table, head on my elbows, crying onto my knuckles. “Now that I think of it, I couldn’t bear to go through the housebreaking again.” I nodded, picking a strawberry off the smooth yogurt with my tongue. “She said cleaning up after me and my sister was enough. As far as I am concerned, you can stay for as long as you like.

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