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Judge Howie summarised Macfies offending, telling the court he had preyed upon needy and vulnerable girls, and used a fictitious and bizarre story about becoming members of a secret mafia to trick them into performing sexual acts with him.

He said the vast majority of the images and videos involved girls aged as young as eight.Judge Howie said Macfie welcomed new girls with hugs, kisses and packages of goods, and persuaded two girls to stay overnight in his home.The court heard the six-week ordeal ended on May 18 last year when a school principal contacted police after making enquiries about the girls absences.A number of victims and their parents attended the sentencing, with one man shouting rot in hell you arsehole as Macfie was escorted out of the courtroom.The rest sat facing forwards, choosing not to take one last look at the man who devastated their lives.

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Prior sex offences against girls as young as 12 yrs.

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