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He prescribed a medication for vertigo and the result was no more imbalance, dizziness nor any more episodes of blackout or a while.When the symptoms returned he upped the prescription and I am fine.Vino's Wine Blog First of all, I feel obligated to share with you some (but not all) of the reasons for my lapses in writing. I feel very healthy most; of the time, but issues have arisen to rob me of that last bit; and it haunts me.I've already covered the many months of technical issues with my wireless connectivity so will not repeat those. Health issues are also boring, so skip to the next segment if not interested.He ordered an MRI/MRA to look for signs of an oncoming stroke or a series of TIAs. He then referred me to a neurologist who ordered a CT scan of the temporal lobes and inner ear canals.It turns out I have fluid in my inner ears, and this is causing the imbalance problems and could contribute to blackouts.Winemaking is his passion and for years he has been making wine from just about anything both fermentable and nontoxic.

Our trip to the Colorado Rockies last September was cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. Two of us are heading for the trout streams in the Poconos when it warms up in the Spring, so all is not lost.A few were recipes or variations of a recipe (see below for an outstanding example).For the former, I always refer them to my page Edible Flowers Suitable for use in Home Winemaking.Finally, my macular degeneration has advanced to a scotoma (blind spot) smack in the center of vision in my left eye.I get periodic injections in that eye, which helps reduce distortions but doesn't eliminate the scotoma.

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If you've never experienced this while sober, it can be disturbing while driving, especially when the car passing you on the left suddenly appears directly in front of you in your lane as well as in the left lane.

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