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She should be home tonight, I wonder what story she will tell me. My wife invited her girlfriend, Lyn over for the night.

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we were in south france and we decide to go to a nice little restaurant, we chose one nearby the seaside, my wife was dressed with a nice flower dress long till the half middle of the thigh and beeing tanned and blonde was really sexy to see. It's an open invitation as opposed to the closed doors of two legs held tightly together. That is the matter why I think about if I should convince her to **** with someone else. Our wedding lasted into the late hours....wife and I were so exhausted that when we got to the motel we collapsed in bed and went right to sleep. The other day, my wife informed me that she reconnected on facebook with an old friend from grade school. We are usually your normal, conservative mum and dad.For this I founded the group here at EP: EP Link For advices... We had an early flight the next day to our honeymoon destination. In the process of their catching up, he invited her out to San Jose with him and he would take her up through Napa Valley and they could do wine tasting and all. My adorable wife, very pristine, very kind and sweet. Then a year or so ago I finally got her to admit... However, once the sex starts, we have very few limits.Up to this point she has been maintaining that they are just friends.Well she left Thursday night for his place the plan was they would leave early...

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It can be fun, terrible, exciting, hard — the adjectives used to describe it are endless.

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