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It is now possible to watch peregrines all year round at Derby, whether feeding and roosting on the tower, or raising young on the nest ledge from March through to June. The Peregrine Project is a joint partnership between Derby Cathedral, the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and Derby Museum and Art Gallery.Adult peregrines can be seen on most days around the tower at Derby's Cathedral Green, or perched high up on the blue lettering of nearby Jurys Inn Hotel.It caused thinning of their eggshells which then cracked during incubation.Only after was banned, and peregrines given legal protection, did their numbers slowly start to recover. In 2006 a young pair showed strong signs of wanting to breed on Derby Cathedral, but there were no suitable ledges.Follow this external link to our Peregrine Blog for all the latest news from the Peregrine Project Team.Derby lies in the centre of England, and the ancient stone tower of its cathedral dates back over 470 years.

This happens in mid June/early July as the young are taught to fly and hunt.Even outside the March-June breeding season they are often visible via one of our three webcams.Peregrine watch-points are usually run on Derby's Cathedral Green from mid-May to mid-June.These are being investigated as a matter of priority as other services are also being affected.Important: Please see the Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project blog for important news about the webcams.

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