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Dozmary Pool in Bodmin is said to be the location of the famous Excalibur.

Explore Cornwall’s north coast where Arthur allegedly lived and died.The 18 acre site is now run by English Heritage and is one of the most popular attractions in Cornwall.A visitor centre explains the associated legends and holds regular exhibitions.Malory in fact translated Arthurian stories that already existed in thirteenth-century French prose (the so-called Old French Vulgate romances) and compiled them together with at least one tale from Middle English sources (the Alliterative Morte Arthure and the Stanzaic Morte Arthur) to create this text." He called the full work The hoole booke of kyng Arthur & of his noble knyghtes of the rounde table, but William Caxton instead titled it with Malory's name for the final section of the cycle.Modernized editions update the late Middle English spelling, update some pronouns, and repunctuate and reparagraph the text.

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