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And sometimes, voluntary shift switches between employees may solve the issue.Other times, the religious belief or practice may require an exception to a work rule or policy.

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Alternatively, what if a female employee’s religious belief or practice prohibited her from being alone in a room with males? What if simply leaving open the door to the room would meet the employee’s religious needs? But if not, or if the employee’s particular job required closed door, confidential discussions, the religious practice may pose an undue hardship.

Always consult with your human resources or legal department before talking with an employee about religious accommodation issues.

A religious belief or practice can sometimes come into conflict with safety requirements or regulations.

If there is no accommodation that would address the safety concerns, the accommodation would not be reasonable because it causes an undue hardship.

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For example, some churchgoing employees may ask to use a conference room for monthly meetings of church-related social or business group.

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