Abuse in teen dating

Information for parents can be found in our downloadable brochure or by contacting our Training Coordinator at It is important for parent(s) to know whom your teens are dating and to talk with them about healthy relationships.

Keep in mind that some teens may mistake attention as expressions of love when in fact they are warning signs of control.

Abuse occurs in all types of relationships and among people with varying backgrounds of age, race, religion, financial status, sexual orientation and education.

” “You know I can’t control my anger yet you push my buttons anyway! ” Threats: “If you leave me, I’ll kill myself.” “If you take that job, I’m moving out and you’ll be on your own!

I expect this house to be clean.” “A woman has no business working in that position!

” Intimidation: “If you just would have shut your mouth I wouldn’t have hit you!

They may be embarrassed or ashamed, and may blame themselves. Tell them that you are concerned for their safety and well-being and that you are there for them.

They may be afraid their parents will make them break up, convinced that it is their fault or that their parents will blame them or be disappointed in them, and afraid of losing privileges. Ask them what they would like to have happen..can you help them be safe. Educate yourself—access online resources, read, call Caring Unlimited for information and/or support for yourself!

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