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In trace amounts acetic acid can occur in wine without being considered a defect. Acidity: The sour or tart taste in wine and other food.

But if present in large amounts, the wine is spoiled. The primary natural acid in grapes and wine is Tartaric acid; the second most abundant is Malic acid.

Amador: Name of the primary viticultural county in California’s Sierra foothills.

Amontillado: A type of Spanish sherry, medium in color and sweetness between Fino (light and dry) and Olorosso (heavier and sweet).

Sometimes referred to as the “backbone” of a wine, acidity contributes to a wine’s aging ability.

The sour taste of acidity in wine is often pleasantly counterbalanced by sweetness (from sugar or alcohol).

Alicante wines often lack flavor and the wines are generally of lower quality and price.

Aligoté: A white wine grape used in various blends in many countries but best known for its fruity, light wines from Burgundy in France.

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