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When I said that “We can prevent rape by telling men not to commit it,” I wasn’t expressing some simplistic, fantastical worldview.

And it’s not about a woman simply saying “no,” it’s really about making certain she’s saying yes! We assume guys don’t understand what consent is and that they don’t understand what they are doing and then we let them off the hook.

Jaclyn Friedman author of coined the term “enthusiastic consent,” which flips the traditional lens with which we view consent on it’s head. They likely know they don’t have consent, even though they may not identify what they are doing is rape.” The men and boys in your life should want for their partner to be not merely submissive, but excited at the idea of having sex.

The dehumanization of women spans all areas of American life. They did something monstrous and criminal but perhaps we should begin to stop repeating the notion that “criminals” are the ones raping 1 in 5 women.

There is no shortage of evidence that rape culture results from the objectification of women and the view that we exist simply for male pleasure. No, it’s our husbands, boyfriends, acquaintances, relatives, and friends and they rape because they are not taught to see women as full autonomous human beings.

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