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Then, Mc Kinlay determined which of those questions he’d feel comfortable answering truthfully.

All of a sudden, he became the top match for over 30,000 women.

He, in contrast, was receiving up to 10 unsolicited messages per day: But how do you sift through 30,000 perfect matches – as in, 30,000 women whose answers match yours at the “perfect” rate of 100%? She told Mc Kinlay that she’d actually changed her profile for him, given that his profile showed that he didn’t often write back. Like, say, “Steve, the IT Guy”: a man the algorithm matched her up with because they shared a love of math, gadgets, data, and 80s music.

She rose to the lofty heights of Executive Editor for e WEEK, popped out with the 2008 crash and joined the freelancer economy.The first thing she said to him: From the get-go, 100% match or no, it was “pretty clear” they weren’t soulmates, Mc Kinlay says. Then, he ordered piles of food, and many, many bottles of wine. She reverse-engineered the dating sites by using a type of what would be dubbed cyber catfishing if she were up to criminal intent: she created fake profiles of men that matched the type she was after. So if you want to be successful in love and procreation, the message is clear: start crunching the big data.But after 30 dates with 30 women, it also became clear that the idea of a 100% match made quite an impression on the women he dated. Then, she crunched the data on the women who chose to interact with them. It might sound about as romantic as a spreadsheet, but hey, spreadsheets and natural language processing are starting to look pretty sexy.The more similarly answered questions, the higher the site ranks a couple’s chances of being a good match. After a few weeks, his OKCupid inbox held nothing but e-dust. So Mc Kinlay used his supercomputer access to analyze OKCupid’s question data.The first thing he noticed was that women in Southern California – he was a grad student at University of California Los Angeles – tended to select questions that clumped up into 7 categories.

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  5. A 2005 study of data collected by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that individuals are more likely to use an online dating service if they use the Internet for a greater number of tasks, and less likely to use such a service if they are trusting of others.